Sunday, July 15, 2012

Electric Blue by Deanna Riddell

Electric Blue by Deanna by Deanna Riddell

Electric Blue is a short story by Deanna Riddell that totally hooked me with its synopsis.  Tragically, fifteen year old Jake disappeared one evening on a trip to the grocery on his electric blue bicycle and never returned.  Six years pass and we join the story on his younger sister Sara’s fifteenth Birthday.  Their parents have never stopped waiting for Jake to come home.  The strangeness of the situation isolates Sara from her friends.

Sara receives an unexpected Birthday card in the mail.  There you have the synopsis that made me think I was about to get some traditional Bradbury or Matheson horror.  That is not what happened.

Turns out, the synopsis is the whole story except for the unrewarding, lack luster, imagination free ending.  I’m not one to focus on writing mechanics because an engaged reader will overlook and forgive many mistakes.  However, for a story this short editing was very poor.

Electric Blue gets a body with a butter knife cut on throat.  Pretty soon the guy will get up and walk away.  You should too.  .

Heads Will Roll,
Everette Bell

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