Monday, July 9, 2012

The Beautiful Nothings

I have always loved to walk, particularly aimlessly in search of all the cool nothings life has to offer.  At an early age my love of walking and stories collided.  My grandmother had a dark stuffy room in the back of her house, and I loved to sneak off and rummage when the grownups weren’t looking…One day I found a stack of my cousins’ comic books.  That encouraged more wandering and looking for nothing in particular.
A few years later my uncle took a job in another state.  Before he left he gave me his BetaMax.  As you can imagine, that lead to searching aisles of video cassettes for the perfect movie.

In high school I started patrolling two local record stores for the perfect album.  In college the shrines to the gods of wandering became a comic shop and a used book store.  I rarely knew “what” I was looking for, but when I saw the perfect title, with the perfect cover, with the perfect synopsis, and the perfect first line, I felt it in my bones.  I savored these jewels. 

I now wander the stacks at amazon, hoping to find that perfect nothing.  My reviews are aimed at sharing the beautiful nothing.  We’ve begun with horror, but stick with me.  I promise we’ll explore many worlds of emotion.

Asian cultures have wonderful words like do and tao to describe the spiritual way and itsu to describe peace or my favorite translation “mistake”  For me Wartooth is the grand, wandering mistake.  If you move and you search you will find the peace of nothing.

Nothing to it,
Everette Bell.

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