Saturday, June 16, 2012

Slander Hall by Matthew Tait

Slander Hall by Matthew Tait

Slander Hall by Matthew Tait is a slick horror novella that delivers on the genre’s basics while adding some metaphysical flair.  Cedar, the lone survivor of America’s largest mass suicide decides to return to where it all happened.  Only now, where it all happened is an abandoned suburb, a modern ghost town void of inhabitants (wink, wink).  Our pilgrim returns with a team of paranormal investigators, writers, and a psychic.
Tait created a wonderful atmosphere that extends throughout the entire novella.  The ominous environment is a constant presence that gets under your skin.  I never forgot I was in a horror novella.

Characters are well fleshed out for such a short work.  They all have their reasons for being there, and some have their suspicions about why Cedar is there.  You’d be right in guessing they face their demise one at a time, but the how is the fun part.

The story gradually unwrapped and flowed forward just like I was going room to room and building to building with the explorers.  The tension was awesome.  I was turning pages like a Tait junkie.    

The ending was more than I wanted.  I know a lot of people won’t mind but, I wanted more ambiguity.  Tait gives you way more than that.

I give Slander Hall by Mathew Tait four severed heads.  I look forward to more of this guy.

p.s. Just picked up a short story collection of his for free.  :)

Heads Will Role,
Everette Bell

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